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Season Finale: Album Of The Year

Stew gets together with JPosition and shtum to go over their lists of best albums and singles of the year.

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In May of 2021, 150 internet strangers got together to create an international series of collaborative rap albums. On this podcast, those strangers sit down to talk about music, life, and everything in between.

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Episode 17



Brasco is joined by 724x, Spucky and Trip C to talk gaming and specifically Halo.

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Episode 16

Extra Cultured


724x introduces Shanga Goman while Stew slowly builds up the courage to dramatically confront Unodeuce.

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Episode 15

The Art Of The Mix


724x rendezvouses with Brasco, Kobodabbo, & +dB- to talk the ins and outs of getting a good mix.

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Episode 14

Drink The Kool-Aid


724x loops in Denver and Stakes to decide once and for all who is the baddest bitch.

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Episode 13

Watching A Movie In My Head


724x talks Classifieds and clowns Reddit weirdos. Trip C speaks on his ridiculous backlog of music. VZN is $80 for 8 bars. Chef ruminates on beat block and how he puts his beats together.

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Episode 12

Lil Shtummy From The Block


Stew nails the opening for this steamy, theme-y pod. 724x, JPosition & shtum reminisce about the "good ole days" of Big Sean, Tyler the Creator, and Eminem.

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Episode 11

The Shrek Experience


Mike and Stew are joined by JPosition, shtum and Stakes. We spend way too much time talking about Shrek.

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Episode 10

I Did A Lot Of Drugs


724x and Stew invite SpuckyJEEZ, South Wales's only rapper, to the show. mars zolo crashes the pod with stories of debauchery and lost love.

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Episode 9

Static Seduction


Stew reveals his shameful musical past. Diego tries to avoid talking about Kanye, MINT tries to talk about Kanye, and 724x shares his music with his mom. UnoDeuce is going to prom this year.

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Episode 8

New To This


724x invites Vol. 1 alumni Aaron Harris and Sogi Yhaman to the discussion. Newcomer Luca (aka STRIPE) reveals his origin story and is initiated into the crew.

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Episode 7

Shoutout Keith Murray


724x recounts a horrific celebrity encounter. Delorean McFly talks travel and Back to the Future. Wesley Rocco speaks on the ups and downs of focusing on music. Stew hosts.

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Episode 6



We learn what it means to have "Classifieds" energy. 724x makes release preparations for his untimely demise, Brasco boldly declares that he could ghost-produce Kanye's next album, and Doozy has a hot take on vegemite. Denver says [redacted].    

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Episode 5

Clean Ice


Stew reminisces on being hurt by Young Thug and shtum gets his hair tussled by irrelevant English celebrities. Longarm finally gets to discuss his music production setup and Brasco reveals how he achieves his signature vocal style.  

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Episode 4

The Aesthetic, The Lore


Stew gushes about his favorite video game of all time, shtum discusses why he can't be bound to one genre, and Longarm attempts to keep the show on track by inquiring about everyone's music making setup. Brasco says howdy.  

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Episode 3

Mick Jagger Eats Babies


Mike tries to normalize smuggling, 724x cements his pod star legacy, and Los reminisces about the mixtape culture he came up in. 2CK joins the pod from the southernmost country in the entire world to talk about the Argentinian music scene and his production style.

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Episode 2



Mike talks new nobility and jeeps in a greenish shade of blue, 724x talks about how his older siblings expanded his musical sphere of influence, and Brasco gives birth to Nostradoomus.

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Episode 1



We sit down with the creator of The Neverending Mixtape to talk the project’s origins. Stew goes into depth on the vision of curating a mixtape with 40 artists. Mike and Moon sip regional beer and agree with things.

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