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724x Makes A Booming Entrance With Debut EP "Conjuring"

724x wasn't ever going to show his face.

Trapped inside during the height of the global pandemic in 2020, 724x got to work. Remixing tracks, producing beats, even recording some vocals if he felt inspired- he meticulously carved a unique personal style without dropping a single track. It wasn't until Summer 2021 when he joined The Neverending Mixtape that he finally went public with his music. After guest-starring on a host of features and dominating his half of a collaborative album with The Classifieds, Conjuring marks 724x's first official solo work.

“To me, [Conjuring] means you’re calling upon something to manifest. This project is my way of manifesting all the dreams I’ve had of being a creator, bringing it to reality,” says 724x. From the grand intro Spark to the EP’s somber closing moments, Conjuring is undoubtedly the work of an artist with a singular vision and something to say. The club bangers of Sneaky and Xanadu intermingle with the emotional catharsis of Reparations perfectly, creating a well-rounded and satisfying project that hits all the right notes. Whether he is rapping about getting money or the existence of a higher power, 724x takes each track with authority. His booming voice can be as smooth as butter or as deafening as a gunshot, and his production already accomplishes a feat most other artists cannot achieve: it sounds completely unique.

Conjuring boasts a range of features from frequent The Neverending Mixtape collaborators SpuckyJEEZ, Wesley Rocco, Trip C, and Denver, as well as production from Chef, who previously worked with 724x on The Neverending Mixtape Vol. 1's Monroe. This grand lineup keeps the EP from ever losing steam while showcasing 724x's gift for pulling the most of of his features.

For all its strengths, Conjuring might not be a clear sign of what's next for 724x. “You can never really know what to expect from me,” he says, hinting that Reparations may be the closest thing on the tape to an idea of what is to come in 2022. “I don’t know anyone else with a project that sounds like this. A wide range of vibes in a concise package.” It’s a confident estimation of his worth, and it’s totally warranted.

Listen to Conjuring now on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or wherever else you get music.

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