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callmevince Reinvents His Image On "headbuzz"

The struggle of becoming an artist is finding a voice.

Great musicians take years to write songs that are both true to themselves and unique enough to attract an audience; In the age of SoundCloud and social media, these growing pains are often on full display. A deep dive on a typical underground rapper’s catalog usually unearths regrettable demos, half-baked freestyles, shoddily mixed singles, possibly even an early album - the residue of a creative shirking their influences and coming into their own. It’s hard to see why artists don’t wipe these old personas entirely, but for underground artists, it isn’t easy to erase the streams and risk losing the small fanbase they’ve already accumulated.

callmevince is ready to take that risk.

Until 2022, the Philadelphia-based rapper was known as VZN, the name a pastiche of Wu-Tang influence and grand ambitions. His limited solo work and frequent Neverending Mixtape features revealed a young artist with an uncanny talent for spitting, his flow stronger and delivery hungrier than anyone else in his weight class. Behind that raw talent, however, was a creative conflict - how to reconcile his influences with his desire to be himself, to make music that he would want to listen to, to be… just Vince. “I feel like I need a fresh start. I was in a place, mentally and emotionally, where I was lacking the drive and motivation to create any new music”, says Vince, days before dropping his first single under his new moniker. “And I was sick of seeing five other VZNs pop up when I searched for me.”

Headbuzz is an excellent way to shrug off the old artist that callmevince used to be. From its lush, contemplative instrumental to the stickiest hook Vince has ever devised, it’s the type of song that makes an instant fan. It’s an understated anthem for rainy days, for long nights spent driving to nowhere and back, wondering where you’re headed. “I've become much more introverted as I have matured over the past few years. [T]his song is me accepting that that’s okay and [that it] might even be for the best.”

It’s bound to leave listeners wanting more, but it’s not meant to tease a project. “There’s something in the works, but that’s as [much as I’ll say about that]. The overall goal in 2022 is just growth.” With headbuzz and its accompanying music video on the horizon, that growth feels like destiny for the young artist, but the track is more than just a way for callmevince to gain some new fans. It accomplishes something major for any upcoming musician - for the first time, it feels like home.

Listen to headbuzz now on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and wherever else you get music.


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