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The Easiest Way To Improve Your Music Mix Right Now

What if there was a trick that could improve your mix immediately and you wouldn't even have to practice to make it work?

I know what you're thinking: "Nothing could be that simple. Come on."

I assure you - it's that simple.

Get more accurate mixes and never feel doubtful after a mixing decision again once you know this tip.


It's common knowledge that mixing at a low volume is recommended- it's easier on the ears and makes you focus more on getting each sound right. While no one should mix at a full listening volume all the time, it is very helpful to reference your track at a normal volume thoroughly throughout the mixing process. This is literally the trick!

I have my volume at this position when I mix on my home setup (about 25%).

After I make an adjustment to anything on the track, I move it to a more comfortable listening position (about 75%).

That's it. Now go win a damn Grammy. Jokes aside, this trick is effective because it combines both realms of loudness while listening. A meticulous, quiet volume makes it easy to piece together singular elements, while a regular listening volume brings cohesion to the track and gives a frame a reference for the average "I'm bumping this song in my AirPods" type of listener. Hearing all decisions you make while mixing on both volumes gives ultimate transparency, so you can worry less about how the track will sound on any specific system.

I like to call it The Knob Trick (super original, I know). Use this after every decision you make in the mixing process, and you will see your final results improve dramatically.

Trust me - I do this every day.


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Listen to Hellraiser, performed by The Neverending Mixtape and engineered by Jalen, below.

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