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Introducing The Classifieds - Your New Favorite Hip-Hop Supergroup

When was the last time a bar made you rewind the track?

Defying rap’s pop sanitization, The Classifieds brings a distinctive grit to the genre that grips even the most passive listener by the throat.

After meeting online in the summer of 2021, rappers Denver and 724x linked up with the production duo Brasco and Doozy to form a supergroup of unknowns, known as The Classifieds. “We all have pretty different backgrounds in music,” says 724x, “and we somehow blend that shit together into whatever this is."

Mixing elements of modern trap with an old school dedication to punchlines and chemistry, the group's debut is bold enough to appeal to heads both old and new. Their hazy single Drifting gives a glimpse into the rappers’ chemistry, as 724x carefully weaves bars between Denver’s dizzying hook to create a track that begs to be chanted in an underground club somewhere in the bowels of NYC. “Rap ain’t raw and fucking ignorant anymore,” says Denver. “[Classifieds isn’t] everyone’s vibe, sure, but we made something real.”

In their self-titled EP, the rappers play off of each other’s strengths: 724x’s coldly calculated flow provides stability to Denver’s madcap delivery, and one talent the duo shares is the ability to pen bars that never fail to turn heads. The Classifieds revels in the outlandish, pushing boundaries and spitting with a gleeful ignorance that is lost among many of today’s superstars.

For all the talk, one thing is clear: if you’re playing the Classifieds at anything but the highest volume, you’re missing the point.

Listen to The Classifieds now on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or wherever else you get music.

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