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Wesley Rocco Proves "Texas The Best" In Brand New EP

"[Music has] affected everything in my life... I'm putting so much into it and I guess that's why I'm serious."

Wesley Rocco never misses the chance to spit. From cutting class to ditching social events in favor of recording verses, his dedication bleeds into everything the San Antonio-based MC does, but it has never been so apparent as his new EP, Texas The Best.

Clicking in at just 14 minutes, this project is short and sweet, a homage to the classic sounds of old-school Texas and Memphis rap. Standout track Swang and I Swang is meant to be blared out a car window on the hottest day of the summer, showcasing Rocco’s clearheaded confidence and energetic flow.

The EP features production from alumni of The Neverending Mixtape: Eli Davis, MINT, and 724x, who also holds the project’s singular feature. The project's beat selection ranges from nostalgic bangers such as Rap A Lot to hazy southern pop rap Southern Love, crafting a loose soundscape in broad strokes across the project’s 5 tracks.

But what makes a southern revival worth hearing in 2021? “Most southern artists don’t pay homage to Texas anymore," opines Rocco. “[Almost] everything from the south is heavily influenced by the Atlanta trap sound…I want to do something different.” He admits that his style might not appeal to everyone, but “You have to respect that what I’m doing is true to me and my vision.”

Listen to Texas The Best now on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or wherever else you get music.


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