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Trip C Unleashes His Alter Ego In "Boogeyman"

"I honestly feel like it's a cinematic piece." - Trip C

Trip C doesn't know how to classify his new tape. "In literal terms, it's considered an album now, just by the number of songs... but it definitely has evolved into more than [that]." The "It" Trip refers to is Boogeyman, the artist's latest musical foray, and judging by the project's Scream-like cover art and character-based narrative, the evolution from typical album to cinematic spectacle is apparent.

Trip, a Miami native who has been steadily releasing projects throughout 2021, knows the importance of "persona" in his music. Throughout Boogeyman, he embodies his ghastly alter ego, a twisted character based off of his own personal experiences. He says, "[Boogeyman is] the idea of who I would be if I had never stopped doing all the bad shit [that I used to do]."

The tape's opener, Boogeyman Pt. 1, is a woozy introduction to Trip and his alter ego. As Trip raps about haunting the block, the listener is immediately drawn into to the pitch-black universe of The Boogeyman. Not only is The Boogeyman here to settle a score, but he is doing it with a sick smile on his face.

Boogeyman spices up its short runtime with features from frequent collaborators Lu Grave, 724x, & Brasco, whose presences keep the project feeling fresh and provide unexpected detours as the narrative path spirals. Nobody shines as bright as Trip himself, however, bringing a stronger presence to the mic than on any of his previous works. On other projects, he seems to be very critical of himself, but he has come around on this one. “I went from never wanting to drop this to loving it and wishing I could make it longer,” he reflects. “I think there’s a little something for anyone who’s a fan of rap in here.”

Listen to Boogeyman now on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or wherever else you get music.


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