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VOL. 1

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Performed by 724x, Wolfman Longarm, Stakes, 
¡kylkenny!, Trip C
Produced and Engineered by W.H.A.L.E.

Performed by Stakes, VZN, Trip C, 724x, Denver
Produced by Brasco
Engineered by ProdByDahm

Performed by Stakes, AgentPaco, 724x
Produced by Chef & J.
Engineered by 724x

Mr. Miyagi
Performed by Jon Banks, Wolfman Longarm, Trip C,
ALIOSHA, Aaron Harris
Produced by DiegoTheProducer
Engineered by ProdByDahm

Sogi's Interlude
Performed by Sogi Yhaman, 724x, Agee
Produced by Hejai Beats
Engineered by 724x

Performed by Trip C, VZN, Stakes
Produced by 2CK
Engineered by 724x

Performed by UnoDeuce, Stakes, Shanga Goman, ¡kylkenny!
Produced by Brasco
Engineered by Trung Tran

Performed by 724x, Trip C, 5150
Produced by Doozy, Brasco
Engineered by 724x

They Want It
Performed by Welsey Rocco, 724x, VZN
Produced by imajinary
Engineered by 724x

Who You Foolin'
Performed by 724x, Wolfman Longarm, VZN, Stanforreal
Produced by BeetFarmAssist
Engineered by ProdByDahm

Performed by Agee, Sogi Yhaman, Trip C, Stakes,
Jon Banks, VZN
Produced by Delorean McFly
Engineered by Trung Tran

Hard Goodbye
Performed by Slbls, 724x, Sogi Yhaman, Agee
Produced by J. Dibbz
Engineered by 724x

Down Wit Chu
Performed by Mars Zolo, Aaron Harris, 724x, 
Agee, Denver
Produced by shtum
Engineered by Sev7

Performed by Wolfman Longarm, Slbls, ALIOSHA, Agee
Produced by YKD
Engineered by 724x

Performed by Phxntom, VZN, Trip C,
Stakes, 724x
Produced by shtum
Engineered by Stakes

Created & Curated by Stew Mitchell